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Professional License Plate Recognition




Offers a professional ANPR camera that integrates algorithm specially trained for local license plates, providing up to 98% accuracy. It supports barrier control and standard PoE+.

Flexible Installation

Offers various installation options that can adapt to multiple scenarios. It supports pole mount, corner mount, wall mount and ceiling mount, allowing cameras to be up and running in no time.

High Performance

Excellent capturing and recognition performance day and night. Its motorized varifocal lenses can adapt to various scenarios such as overexposure or inadequate light. Detection distance up to 30m and speeds of up to 37.28 mph (60 km/h).

Various Applications

Compatible with NVR and DSS platform. It supports more abundant business processes such as remote barrier control, blocklist and allowlist, query by license plate, etc., greatly improving management efficiency.

Recommended Models


Detection distance range: 3-8m Detection speed up to 18.64 mph 4MP, IR, covers 1 lane


Detection distance range: 8-30m Detection speed up to 37.28 mph 4MP, IR, cover 2 lanes

Application Scenarios

Universities and Campuses

Retail and Office Spaces

Hotels and Casinos

Residential Properties

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