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Dahua Smart ANPR Camera – ITC413 Series

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Using deep-learning algorithms, Smart ANPR Cameras (also known as Intelligent Traffic Cameras) can recognise a wide range of different vehicle makes (147 makes), vehicle colours (12 solid colours), vehicle types (9 types), number plates and pedestrians. This ANPR solution can be used in applications that require vehicle detection and recognition, as well as to detect unlicensed number plates and individual pedestrians. It also supports using IVS (video analytics) to detect specific events, triggering sound and light alarms that provide an active and effective deterrent. Smart ANPR Cameras can perform various functions without being connected to other devices. This not only greatly improves the security of factories and commercial premises, but also simplifies the installation process. The camera is dust-proof, water-resistant, tamper-proof and is IP67 & IK10 rated.

Dahua Smart ANPR Camera – ITC413 Series

Smart ANPR Camera

ITC413 Series

Image Sensor: 1/1.8″ CMOS.

Focal Length: 2.7mm-11mm/8mm-32mm Motorised.

Image Resolution: 2688×1520.

Illuminator: 850nm IR/warm light & 730nm IR.

Adopts intelligent deep-learning algorithms.

Supports recognition of unlicensed vehicles by type, make and colour.

Built-in signal, data and communication ports and remote control assist.

All-in-one unit including integral junction box and bracket.

IP67 and IK10 rated.


Supports intrusion and loitering detection, triggering light and voice alarms when perimeter events occur.

Identifying a red car

Integrated Intelligence

The 413 series supports human and vehicle detection, area intrusion and vehicle recognition algorithms, all working simultaneously.

IoT + End Intelligence

Built-in red and blue alarm lights and speaker provide active deterrence based on video intelligence, to achieve a complete solution.

413 Camera at night monitoring a traffic scene
Embedded Remote control operating a 413 series camera

Open Protocol Technology

An embedded remote-control and a wiegand module can easily integrate with a car park barrier, electric door and other devices, providing end-users with a customisable solution.

High Quality & Easy Installation

Installation is made easy with an integral bracket, junction box (supplied with the camera), as well as a waterproof sleeve to protect cables from water or rain. With an IP67 and IK10 rating, the camera is able to operate safely and stably in areas prone to high rainfall.

high quality and easy installation man holding Dahua gear ready to install

High Accuracy

The high-performance CPU processor captures vehicles with 99% accuracy and recognises number plates with 98% accuracy.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Dahua are working towards reducing harm to the environment by using non-plastic materials in the packaging of this product.

Our eco friendly packaging without any plastic
Application Scenarios Car Parks Hotels Offices & Hospitals

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