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Fluent Writing Experience


Achieves low writing parallax and latency for a paper-like writing experience. Teachers and students can enjoy a better interaction with ideas bursting from the tip of their pens and fingers.

More Eco-friendly


Dahua exerts great efforts to comply with several regulations such as WEEE, ErP, Rohs, and Energy Star certification for lower energy consumption, building a sustainable teaching and learning environment.

Enhanced Connectivity


Connections are fully upgraded. Our new models, with full featured Type C interface, support connection with different mobile devices, 65W fast charging* and reverse control of connected devices on the DeepHub. Moreover, newly added HDMI and VGA interfaces are compatible with existing equipment in campus. We make projection, interaction, and multi-task collaboration a thing with ease. Deeper Participation, Higher Inspiration Dahua DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard * Compliance might differ depending on the models

Diverse Educational Tools


Effectively assists teachers in each teaching phase, including easy lesson preparation, interesting class organization and in-time performance assessments. It encourages students to fully participate in class activities such as video, games, quiz, etc., and inspires them to explore.

Easier and More Convenient Installation


DeepHub is easy to install, maintain, and use. It saves labor
costs through remote device maintenance and management,
thus optimizing device status, protecting information security
and upgrading system and applications to the latest version.


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