LM32-U400P: Unveiling a Visual Revolution

Experience the pinnacle of visual technology with the LM32-U400P, a 31.5-inch 4K monitor boasting a 32-inch 4K display and powered by the

advanced MT8195 Octa-core CPU. This device transcends conventional screens, offering a rich and immersive experience.

Rich Interaction Beyond Imagination

The LM32-U400P redefines interaction methods, offering a touch screen with CMS integration, inclusive of a sophisticated camera,

multiple microphones, and powerful speakers. Whether you’re engaging in a K12 online classroom, hosting a video call,

or streaming your favourite content, its rich interaction capabilities elevate every experience.

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32-inch 4K

Operating System: Android 11

Rich Interaction Methods:

– Touch screen with CMS available

– Camera, Mic, Speaker included


Flexible Wireless Mobility:

– Built-in battery life of ≥ 4 hours

– Operable from anywhere, however you prefer


At Home:

– Host a karaoke party in the yard

– Watch TV series in the bedroom

– Learn and cook food recipes simultaneously in the kitchen

– Follow aerobics exercises on the balcony


K12 Online Courses and Office Scenarios:

– Take online classes in the study room

– Utilize for hybrid work scenarios without taking up desktop space

Mobility Redefined

Enjoy the freedom of wireless mobility with the LM32-U400P. Its built-in battery ensures over 4 hours of uninterrupted usage, allowing you to utilise it anywhere, anytime. From enjoying TV series or movies in landscape orient mode to live streaming or TikTok videos in portrait orient mode, its flexibility enhances your viewing pleasure. Plus, the vertical stand supports seamless switching between landscape and portrait modes.


4K, 60Hz
(4K Large Screen)


MT8195, 8+128G
(High Performance CPU)


8MP (Camera), 4*Mic, 2*10W Speaker
(Rich interaction methods; CMS)


144Wh Battery
(Built-in Battery & mobile stand)


Built in e-Share
(Multi-screen connectivity)

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