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Full-Colour Cube – Unlock Colour Magic

The Full-Colour Cube combines Duo Panoramic, Smart Dual Light and TiOC technology, creating infinite possibilities for innovation. With enhanced coverage, flexible lighting options and comprehensive protection, Full-Colour Cube technology empowers users to innovate and tackle threats with unprecedented efficiency and peace of mind. Stay ahead of the curve with real-time focus and three-in-one camera integration for enhanced security before, during and after events.

Cube Product Cluster
Full Colour Duo
Full Colour Pan & Tilt
Smart Dual Light
TiOC Active Deterrence
Full Colour + Panoramic Achieves a wider range of vision coverage
Seamless 180 degree image saving equipment and installation costs compared with normal cameras
Dual F1.0 Aperture Lens and Dual 1/1.8 inch CMOS sensor create a better imaging effect in low light conditions
Comparison between a full colour duo image and a traditional camera
EPTZ Panoramic image with multiple target details
Comparison between IR light with missing key information and extra warm light with constant interferance
Smart Dual Light Flexible in various scenarios with LED and IR

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