CH II Series : Indoor Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display

The Dahua CH II Series LED Display goes beyond providing clearer and softer visuals; it symbolizes Dahua's steadfast dedication to green technology. By incorporating features such as Flip Chip COB, Surface Nano-film, and energy-saving technologies, Dahua has developed a display device that not only offers superior visual quality but also aligns with eco-conscious principles.

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Dahua Flip COB Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display: Redefining Visual Excellence

In today’s dynamic world, where every pixel counts, the Dahua Flip COB Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display emerges as a game-changer.
It is perfectly suited for a multitude of scenarios including monitoring centres, television stations, training classrooms, lecture theatres, and exhibition halls.

Flip COB Design: Dahua’s revolutionary Flip Chip on Board (COB) technology takes LED displays to a new level. Surface luminescence ensures softer, pixel-free illumination, effectively countering digital visual fatigue.

Surface Nano-film: Dahua has perfected ink color parameters to ensure uniform color from all angles, eliminating batch ink color discrepancies that have plagued the industry.

High Protection: The Dahua Flip COB Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display is both dustproof and fingerprint-proof. It leaves no visible handprints, is waterproof, moisture-resistant (PPM<20), and highly durable against slight bumps.

High Contrast Ratio: With an outstanding contrast ratio of 10000:1, images pop with unparalleled clarity.

Ultra-wide Viewing Angle: Enjoy a 160°/160° ultra-wide viewing angle, ensuring perfect picture quality from any perspective.

Energy Saving: Dahua has successfully redefined energy efficiency. Each single cabinet consumes less than 75W, marking a 40% reduction in energy consumption compared to SMD products.

Full Front Maintenance: Simplify and expedite maintenance with its innovative full front maintenance design.

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Dahua Technology, a leading provider of video-centric AIoT solutions and services globally, continues to lead in innovation, sustainability, and excellence. The company is proud to announce the launch of its latest product, the Dahua CH II Series Indoor Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display. This cutting-edge display not only delivers exceptional visual clarity but also champions energy efficiency and sustainability.

Seamless installation
High Refresh Rate
High Brightness
Vivid Colours
No Fan Noise

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