Introducing the Dahua Mini Hubble PTZ: Protect your property with panoramic views

Unveiling the Panoramic Advantages: Dahua Mini Hubble PTZ Features

The Dahua Mini Hubble PTZ is a revolutionary surveillance camera that combines the power of a panoramic network camera with the precision of a high-speed PTZ camera. Available in 180°, 270°, or 360° options, it delivers unparalleled situational awareness, ensuring nothing escapes your notice.


Dahua Mini Hubble PTZ
Leading the Era of Intelligent

Panoramic Surveillance

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See Everything, Everywhere. Effortlessly with the Dahua Mini Hubble PTZ!

The Dahua Mini Hubble PTZ isn’t just a camera, it’s a security game-changer.

With expansive 8MP panoramic views, you won’t miss a thing. No blind spots, fewer cameras needed.


Smart AI on the Job:

Perimeter protection keeps intruders out.

Face detection recognizes friends and foes.

Video metadata helps you find what matters fast.


Never Miss a Target:

The built-in PTZ camera automatically tracks suspicious activity, zooming in for crystal-clear identification. 25x optical zoom lets you see every detail, day or night.


Hear and Be Heard:

Communicate directly with visitors or deter troublemakers with built-in two-way audio.


Built to Last:

The Mini Hubble PTZ is weatherproof and dustproof, ready to stand guard come rain or shine.


Dahua Mini Hubble PTZ

The Dahua Mini Hubble PTZ Panoramic system is designed for applications which require a 180°, 270° or 360° panoramic view for situational awareness. Its high-speed PTZ camera can quickly and automatically track moving targets without missing target behaviour details. It has become very popular in video surveillance because of its wide-angle field of view, which significantly decreases the number of cameras needed for complete video coverage, reducing complexity and saving on installation as well as maintenance costs.

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