Solar Monitoring System

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Security monitoring is gradually influencing all aspects of people’s lives. However, solar monitoring isn’t fully accessible in some cases due to limitations in power supply and network conditions.


Dahua’s Solar Monitoring Systems combine 4G network transmission technology, video surveillance (with AI functions) and solar power technology, which is suitable for environments that have no power or network connection, providing users with a comprehensive, accurate and intelligent monitoring solution.

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Solar Solutions

Dahua’s Solar solutions Solve the pain points of complex and costly installations


Integrated design

Dahua’s solar solutions are integrated, meaning that they do not require a large amount of cabling or a network. This makes them much easier to install and maintain than traditional solar systems.



Dahua’s solar solutions are portable, meaning that they can be easily dismantled and transferred to another location. This makes them ideal for monitoring smaller areas, where traditional solar systems would be too large or cumbersome.


Easy installation

Dahua’s solar solutions are designed to be easy to install, even for those with limited technical experience. This can save businesses a significant amount of time and money on installation costs.

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Solar Monitoring Powered by the sun

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