Dahua Security Professional : Video Surveillance System

This is a professional training for mid-level engineers in the security industry.
It is applicable to those who want to master the knowledge of AI video
surveillance system, be familiar with the application and configuration of DAHUA
AI products and obtain DHSP-VSS certificate. It is for mid-level engineers, students, including but not limited to DAHUA partners and clients.

Training Schedule

Theory + Practical 1 day


Have the background knowledge of security or communication industry. Able to use computer and have basic knowledge of computer network. Familiar with working principle and application of CCTV system.

Training Objectives

• Understand system composition and general principle of AI video surveillance
• Familiar with common function and application scenario of DAHUA AI
• Able to finish AI video surveillance system deployment.
• Familiar with device installation, configuration and basic troubleshooting of
AI video surveillance system.

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