Wireless Bridges


Introducing the wireless bridge, the ultimate tool for long-distance connectivity. With its enhanced antenna and wide operating temperature range, it can transmit signals up to 3 – 5 km dependent on model, easy to install and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

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Enjoy Reliable Broadband

No more delays in transmission and obtain speeds up to 867 Mbps, with a 3-5km Range that is also Weather Resistant.

Extreme Temperatures

Experience reliable connectivity in all weather conditions with our wireless bridge. It’s built to withstand extreme temperatures, from -30°C to +65°C (-22°F to +149°F).

Wireless Bridge Solutions for Lifts

Introducing the ultimate wireless bridge for elevators. With on-screen display, one-press pairing and spectrum analysis, it makes connectivity easy. Plus, it has passive PoE Power Supply for added convenience.

Product Specifications


Wireless Bridge

Strong signal: With its enhanced antenna, the peer-to-peer transmission distance reaches up to 3 km (9,842.52 ft).
Wide operating temperature: –30 °C to +65 °C (–22 °F to +149 °F).
Easy installation: Supports multiple installation methods such as wall mount and pole mount.
High protection: IP65 rated, it is suitable for outdoor scenes and withstands severe weather
Strong broadband: The bandwidth can reach up to 867 Mbps, ensuring there is no delay in transmission.


Elevator Wireless Bridge

On-screen display.

One-press pairing.

Spectrum analysis helps you choose the optimal channel.

Passive PoE Power Supply.

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