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About our company

WisuAlarm is a leading global manufacturer of smart fire safety products. It offers a wide range of products for both domestic and professional needs, including smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, heat alarms, and air quality monitors. WisuAlarm is committed to innovation and developing the highest quality products, and its team is directly involved in research and development.

Research and Testing

Wisualarm and Dahua Technology are equipped with an advanced engineering experiment center that covers an area of 5,000m².
This center has over 30 laboratories, including an EMC anechoic chamber, Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) laboratory, and a device analysis laboratory. The laboratories focus on various fundamental research and testing of materials, components, single boards, and the entire machine itself. The center’s reliability test has also obtained a capability accreditation from the China National Accreditation Service (CNAS). Wisualarm also has the capability to do fire and smoke simulation, and complete accurate testing of smoke and heat fire detectors in the professional and cutting-edge test tunnels from Lorenz and AW technology.

1. EMCTesting
2. Reliability Testing
3. Safety Inspection
4. Radio Frequency Research
5. Fire and Smoke Simulation
6. Antenna Research
7. AW Technology Detector Test Tunnel
8. Lorenz EN-54 Smoke Test Tunnel

Intelligent Manufacturing

As a subsidiary company of Dahua Technology, WisuAlarm’s products are all produced in the Dahua Smart (IoT) Industrial Park. This covers an area of 510 acres, divided into a 4500m² mould factory, 46,000m² intelligent stock preparation warehouse, 26,000m² PCBA factory, 10,000m² dust-free module factory, 130,000m² full-process automated factory, 200,000m² warehousing, logistics, and ORT lab. With the deep integration of advanced production software such as SCP, APS, MES, PDM, all the products are produced under digital, visualised, traceable product control. More than 50 cutting-edge SMT dual-track production lines, 36 self-developed automated assembly platforms, and 90 automated testing lines, which improve overall production efficiency and product quality.

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