Dahua X-Spans PTZ

While the Dahua X-Spans PTZ series revolutionises surveillance with its 180º ultra-wide panoramic view, it also seamlessly integrates pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities for capturing finer details.

Additionally, the Dahua X-Spans PTZ series combines the strengths of traditional PTZ and fixed cameras, offering Smart Tracking, AI features like Perimeter Protection, and Face Detection in a single, cost-effective solution.

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Dahua X-SPANS PTZ Overview

Dahua’s X-Spans series extends the whole image by introducing one or two more lenses, combining an ultra-wide panoramic image with pan, tilt and zoom features to capture finer details. The X-Spans series combines attributes from both the traditional PTZ and fixed camera, providing users with Smart Tracking and AI features, such as Perimeter Protection and Face Recognition – all in one camera.

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SDT4E Series
SDT6C Series
SDT8C Series
SDT5X Series

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